327 federal magnum shotshells

Some of these are pretty soft shooting for practice, whereas the H&R magnum or Federal magnum cartridges are serious self-defense rounds. Using Our 38-55 Ammo in 375 Winchester Chambered Rifles, Why Outward Appearances of Ammunition May or May Not Matter, NRA Articles - Phil Shoemaker & OUTDOORSMAN, I WANT YOUR VALUABLE AND PROPRIETARY LOAD DATA FOR FREE, Chamber Dimensions for 9MM and 45 ACP Pistols, SHIPPING/SELLING AMMUNITION TO ANTI-GUN LOCALS IN THE USA, Hand Cycling Ammo in Semi Autos as a Means of Reliability Testing, THE DANGERS OF NOT AGING YOUR FIREARM, VERSUS THE ADVENT OF HIGH PRESSURE STEEL FOR USE WITH SMOKELESS POWDER, BULLET ENERGY (ft-lbs) VERSUS TKO EFFECTIVENESS ON BIG GAME, CONCERNS OF BULLET OVER-PENETRATION IN CIVILIAN SHOOTINGS, Why Do Firearms Manufacturers Say Use SAAMI Approved Ammo Only, Differences Between 'Lead' & 'Hard Cast' Bullets, USE OF +P AND +P+ AMMO IN MICRO SIZED SEMI AUTOMATIC PISTOLS, USING OUR AMMO (or any ammo) IN AFTERMARKET BARRELS, Use of Expanding Bullets in Small Defensive Cartridges, Understanding "Bonded" Bullets -- Dispelling the Myth, "Stopping" bears with handgun or rifle cartridges, Bullet Set Back In Semi-Auto Pistol Cartridges. This cartridge lives up to the expectations, and does so with less muzzle blast and recoil than any comparable .357 Mag available. Semi-Wadcutter (SWC): Originally designed for target shooting, semi-wadcutter bullets offer a flat-tipped projectile that punches through paper targets, instead of ripping like traditional FMJ and JHP bullets. Actually, I became a fan of .32-caliber revolvers soon after Federal introduced the H&R Magnum almost 20 years ago. Best .327 Federal Magnum Ammo, Handgun Ammo. Hits like a 9mm Luger. Without the decimal point, the technical meaning of the caliber number is lost. These are often used in hunting rounds and where JHP ammo is prohibited. This is primarily due to the innate weakness in H&R revolvers. Federal Ammunition. We want you and your families to be armed and safe and we wish you the best during these trying times. I really like the 327 performance - and the extra round. Factory ammo used Federal factory primed brass with Federal 205 primers. Still, I remained a faithful devotee: Theres always been a .32 H&R if not on my hip in my safe. Please update your specifications to see more results. This means the .327 Federal Mag.'s projectiles will penetrate similar to 125- and 158-gr. The limited load data situation had improved significantly. Mag. Savage Model 110 Timberline 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle: Full Review, Ruger MAX-9 9mm Micro-Sized High-Capacity Pistol: Review. After checking out, choose an organization from our Freedom Fighter Support list, and we will donate 1% of your purchase all at no cost to you. He serves as contributing editor for several magazines, including NRAs American Rieman and Shooting Illustrated, Varmint Hunter, and Combat Handgunner, and is the editor for Gun Digests Cartridges of the World 13th Edition.